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We are wives, mothers, co-authors, dating coaches, and have been best friends for the last 30 years.We came up with the idea for a self-help dating book called The Rules after many, many dinners with single girlfriends at the now-defunct Sung Chu Mein, a Chinese restaurant on the Upper East Side in New York City—it was sort of like Sex and the City, but before Sex and the City!

New social butterflies drawn to Berlin soon realise that even in this fairyland of freedom and cheap rents, you’ve got to pay the bills.

"Nothing succeeds like failure, when you're servicing the power structure," said Nader in an interview with Patrick Gavin published on Tuesday, explaining this as the powerful lesson he's learned after more than nearly half a century as a consumer advocate and political activist.

The conservation centers around Nader's new book, , which explores why those who defend the public interest have consistently been defeated by corporate power since before the Reagan era and how that trend has continued up and through the disappointment of the current Obama presidency.

Their sole contact with the outside comes via a Skype-like video hook-up with fellow survivors located in cities around the country.

They live in solitary confinement to protect themselves from the virus. Saturday, April 1; and Sunday, April 2 at Tower City Cinemas.

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