Catholic priest dating

The subject of married priests in the Catholic Church has been controversial for hundreds of years.

That controversy returned this year after an auxiliary bishop in Los Angeles admitted he had fathered two children -- about the same time the Vatican released guidelines for accepting married priests from Episcopal churches in the Catholic priesthood.

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After three years in the priesthood serving a Catholic parish in Oakland, Calif., Murphy, an Irish-born Catholic, felt a tug in his heart.Church members who work closely with minors, the sick or the elderly will be required to be fingerprinted and undergo police background checks.The updated code of ethics comes after a one-year pilot project involving 10 parishes.He wanted a family, but his vows of celibacy prevented that."I got ordained at 37 in 2001, and I had been in a couple of relationships before that, so the whole celibacy issue was a question for me -- even on the day of my ordination," he said.

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