Dating and money issues am i dating a female sociopath

I make a living helping people figure out their finances. So when it comes to bringing personal finance up in normal conversation, I’m totally cool with talking about things like how I spent too much money at REI this weekend and felt totally guilty about it or how the hell to roll over a 401k from your last job. While I love a good, honest conversation about finances, I feel like I’m in an interesting spot of getting to know someone’s money habits sooner rather than later. But when it comes to dating, the lines between a socially acceptable conversation about money and bringing up taboo financial topics begin to blur… ” eventually turns into a discussion about my job, which snowballs into a conversation about debt or bad financial habits – something you might not talk about on a first date if the girl in front of you didn’t draw cartoons about money.I help clients with these ‘talks’ all the time, and find that money can be even trickier to talk about than sex.This is especially true when you’re at this stage of life.

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I like this man very much, I enjoy his company and he is incredibly kind.

Money is the number one problem in marriages and the number one cause of divorce.

This is worth repeating: Money is the number one problem in marriages and the number one cause of divorce.

I’m going to make the assumption that this isn’t a ploy on his part to go on “cheap dates”.

🙂 There are tons of guys out there who have complexes about their jobs and the amount of money they make and what it “means” about them.

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