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Not sure if she also goes by another name (Gail) or what. Who joins a new meetup and right away sends plugs for their own project? It's started some pretty long, snarky threads on the mailing lists to the point where I had to unsub from one.

Balanced - 50% engineering & 50% non-engineering Reach- FD’s online network allows you to connect with people in your city and beyond to share ideas and begin building something you’re passionate about.

Slack channels such as #startup by Startup Foundation, Online Geniuses and Founded X have a large network of entrepreneurs and founders that you can share startup notes with.

Growth Hackers is a community for everything and anything on startup growth, including all aspects such as social media marketing, blog, sales, e-commerce, etc.

You can ask the community questions about the description of growth hacking and emerging and declining growth channels.

If you’re looking to study growth studies of successes such as Etsy, Slack, and Spotify, Growth Hackers has them documented.

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