Hot chat bot online

While chatbot development is still in its infancy relative to other digital communication, this cutting-edge software is believed to be the next big thing in conversational commerce (i.e.

the use of messaging apps, chat or voice technology to interact with the consumer and sell products). One of the earliest chatbots, ELIZA, was published in 1966.

As such, it can allow companies to be reachable 24/7 and help build a new type of relationship with their customers. Will the package you ordered be delivered while you are in Paris? The technology could permanently change the way humans interact with the digital world.

Whilst everybody is chatting about chatbots, you might still be wondering just what these bots are and what they do. Or a scary technology that is putting people out of jobs? Or a poor substitute for a real living human being? Instead of opening a search engine, clicking on a weather site and looking up your location, a well-designed chatbot would give you an instant, geographically accurate update from a simple verbal or textual query.

Why then chatbots became such a hot topic this year that every company seems to rush into building its own bot, some publications throw around phrases like “This is the Year of the Bot”, and Slack announced a million fund to encourage developers to build among other things bot services for its communication tool?We know that small businesses can cost-effectively take on larger competitors by beating them at customer service.Chatbots and other virtual assistants can be a great way to supplement your customer service offerings in a cost-effective way..It was meant to carry on the conversation this way.However, over many-many years they couldn’t really break into the active every day of our lives.

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