Meditation dating

Like the time you failed algebra class and you sit down on the table, with a cup of coffee in hand, pretending to be engrossed in the news that is latest, but are in fact seeing and hearing absolutely nothing.

Well perhaps not quite…you may look as relaxed and calm as some body meditating but your brain is a clutter that is definite.

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Concentrating means saying a word or a few terms to divert your self from any interruptions and calmness that is attaining of head. You may feel just like you have got done this during those glum days whenever every thing does seem right n’t.Visualization, the most powerful way to speak to yourself and create destiny.It sounds impossible, but with visualization, you go beyond asking for what you want, you put yourself in the moment.— Every time I thought about dating, I used to cringe. But on my way to meditation class, an epiphany—the ‘ah ha’ moment as it is commonly called.I would visualize the person I wanted in my life and create my reality.

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