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This goes for the person you love as well – if this person isn't at the point in life where he or she can be a loving and devoted partner, the relationship won't work either.There are so many ways a relationship can fail, it's amazing that we aren't all alone. If you’re putting on a song-and-dance in an elaborate attempt to impress your partner, you might be dating the wrong person. Does it feel like they are trying to mold you into an entirely different person? If it seems like your partner is more interested in how you fit in their world than they are with your individual needs, you might be dating the wrong person.

It is possible that you are choosing relationships that repeat the unavailability, rejection or abandonment issues that were familiar in your earliest relationship with the opposite sex.

In a sense, you seek comfort in that familiar scenario – even if it is one filled with angst.

These are attractions of deprivation, and it’s possible it stems from your childhood.

They always go off on tangents about their day at work, but never seem interested in yours.

They always suggest where they’d like to go, but never seem to care what you think.

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