Virgo woman dating leo man

In a moment of weakness I confided in his sister a few things going on in our relationship and of course she went back to him to discuss it.He was furious with me and said he will no longer confide in me. oh boy if they don't like you and even if they do..Your habit to analyze the things deeply and to make comments on it may be taken as criticism by her, which in turn may make her furious. She may get excited soon or react loudly to any issue that may upset you.

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Honesty, independence and passion are the key words for lioness. So there you are, with the most expensive taste and a royal gait.This can cause the Virgo woman to rebel, refusing to be dominated. Despite the clash in perfectionism, their degree of success remains high because of their degree of harmony and strong attraction. They’re ferocious, and become masters of their domain in the bedroom.Though Virgos have a tendency to come off cold-hearted(usually on purpose).I've a Virgo woman and I've been dating a Leo man for 14 months. I'm very close with his family and became friends with his sisters. When were started dating it was more of a friendship with benefits but he asked to make it monogamous so I did.

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